A desultory day

Last Monday was a very glum day weather wise. It still surprises me that we can have such english weather here in Mexico (in August!); cold,grey and rainy…a perfect pottering day!
H was tap tapping away in his office, the dogs were curled up on their bed and I was pottering about the house in a pair of comfy trousers (elasticated waist of course) and my slippers.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines the verb To Potter as – ‘to move about without hurrying, in a relaxed and pleasant way’.
The Free Dictionary online defines To Potter as – ‘to busy oneself in a desultory though agreeable manner’
I did some very light research into pottering on the internet. Basically I Googled ‘pottering’ to see what would come up….It turns out ALOT of Harry Potter references and not much else. Certainly not much on mooching about the house in quasi pyjamas and consuming your weight in tea and biscuits. Does this mean this concept doesn’t occur outside the UK? I’m sure it does, maybe it just doesn’t have such a cool name.

So in accordance with pottering ‘rules’, you do just enough work to feel productive but not so much that you feel that you’ve done a hard day’s labour. These short bursts of activity are interspersed with comfort breaks consisting of a hot beverage and biscuity snack. In the ‘olden days’ you would also include a bit of a read – the newspaper, a magazine or a good book. These days it’s more commonly the internet that accompanies the cuppa and digestive time out.

I always end up looking at foody sites…or videos on YouTube…it’s like a default setting, I can’t help myself. So I changed it up a bit and looked for foody videos (yeah I know, not very original) and I found some videos by Crumbs Food and in particular an easy peasy apple cake.
Now baking is a perfect pottering activity – a little bit of effort (but not too much) and voilá, you have something sweet for your next well earned break. So after a bit of chopping, mixing and oven alchemy, you are rewarded with perfect pottering prize and nothing to do with the boy wizard!

The recipe is called 8 apple Apple cake (although I only used 4…) and it’s on YouTube under Crumbs Food.

8 apple Apple cake

P.S – I had to look up DESULTORY…it means marked by lack of definite plan, regularity, or purpose. But the best bit is it’s origin. It comes from the Latin desultorius, literally, of a circus rider who leaps from horse to horse. How random and bloody awesome is that!


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