She’s baaaack

Where to start….everything’s been a bit jumbled up recently. Not enough hours in the day, major procrastination about what to do first and not getting anything done aarrrgghhhh. I can tell you whose fault it is, it’s Party Girl’s.

You met her in one of the first posts (we never gave her a name…suggestions?) She was disorganised, she turned up at silly hours and then would go off in a huff if I didn’t pay her attention AT THAT PRECISE MOMENT.

Things haven’t changed, she’s still a moody cow and was conspicuously absent when I arrived in Mumbai. I couldn’t tell you where she’s been…but she’s back, she has company and this is the problem.

She found a chum, although I think this chum is an old chum. I think she’s always been around but she’s been fluttering round just out of arms reach. She likes Art….in fact I remember her from when I was little. I could spend ages drawing, colouring in and doodling. I love looking at pretty things. I love going to exhibitions (although 4 rooms of Turner was almost too much!) I’m glad she’s back, she’s a little shy and not as pushy as PG but when she manages to get to the front she’s all absorbing and the time flies. I think she looks like Miss Marple and I’m convinced she has a bun. But the force is strong in this one and she has mobilised me into action.

I joined a MeetUp group called Sunday Sketchwalk. The organiser picks a location and we meet there for a couple of hours of sketching on a sunday morning. It’s a great way to see the city and there are some seriously talented people in the group. I do try and sketch during the week. I have to be disciplined and try and do an hours sketching a day…..I’ve also been trying to write this post for the last 3 weeks…This is where the procrastination hits hard. It’s Olympic faffing to the tenth degree….but hey, I now have my bladder trained to hold an awful lot more tea! There might also be some chocolate biscuits involved…

There’s also another one. I’m not sure how long she’ll stick around but she’s very interesting…she has a flirtation with poetry. It’s Victorian flirting. No great exhibitions of emotion, just a little fluttering of the eyelashes and maybe the dropping of a hanky.

I met a real chum (not imaginary) at the first SketchWalk. She’s here to explore and join the poetry scene in Mumbai; which is buzzing by the way. I went to my first poetry reading ever. I went to see her perform and nearly missed it after the most ridiculous tuk tuk ride which took me past my house twice. Waving google maps, on your iPhone, infront of the driver’s face as he’s trying to steer does not help the situation. Screeching ‘STOP’ does.

Aaaanyway, the poetry gig was cool. I’m not sure what I’d expected. There was a compère who introduced the poets and they got up and performed their poems. Some were in Hindi; I clapped politely – didn’t understand a word. Some were in English. There was a tiny girl performing her poem about Fear…..bloody hell, I’ve never seen someone so small with such power…and then there she was,the little victorian voice in my head saying ‘Ooooh wouldn’t it be fun to do that? What should we write about?, Should we recite or should we read our poem?” WOAH there horsey, talk about getting ahead of yourself. This little muse is definitely related to party girl – Victorian or not. It’s do it now NOW NOW!

Then the Universe got involved… I’ve just been on holiday to Kerala. On the way there the person next to me changed seats after take off and a young girl took her place. She was reading Wuthering Heights; who doesn’t love a bit of Heathcliff?….We started chatting, she’d just finished her M Phil on Comparative Literature, she was a writer “What do you write?” POETRY!


I believe you have to listen to the messages that are sent to you and I’m not taking about sitting in a tin foil hat with coat hanger antennae. I will have a go at writing some poetry. I may be good, bad or meh but the point is I was nudged in that direction and I will do my best. All we can do is try.

So at the moment my head is a little like the film Being John Malkovich; inhabited by these muses that are clamouring to be heard and given an outlet. I need to corral these girls into some sort of order because it’s turning into the worst teenage house party in there and I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. Actually, I feel like I’ve been locked out of my own house!

The best thing about the whole situation is that I have my first (real life) Mumbai chum who is actually the most wonderful inspiration of all.

P.S She also sews and has an obsession with fabric…I *heart* her

P.P.S Also, these girls need names…let me know your suggestions.

Beautiful Kerala - Cochin sunset

A beautiful Kerala sunset in Cochin just because…


4 thoughts on “She’s baaaack

  1. I ‘heart’ you too 🙂

    Being in Mumbai is fabulous but also a little insane so I’m grateful I’ve found you. And ditto – thanks for inspiring me to start writing articles again.

    We can definitely sort out some names for all the girls tonight. I think some Indian names might be appropriate.



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