A little less composition, a little more distraction

People, this poetry thing is difficult. I have about 4 pieces on the go. They range from something that is almost a monologue, to something which is a mess of cringeworthy rhyming couplets which wouldn’t have made it into a Hallmark card. I need a break. I’m descending into Dr Seuss territory ….. the cat on the mat has a bat and that is that…..

I tip my hat to those poets who can write without getting into sticky sickly sweet sentimentality. Sentimentality and angst. There’s a lot of angst in poetry or it’s just the open mics I’ve been going to.

I have also learnt that you must check that open mic venues sell alcohol. Anger & angst minus beer leads to Quixotic adventures in search of drink and driving up and down the expressway at 2:30 in the morning….

No drunken girlies were injured in the making of this post – there was a  designated driver.

My challenge is in 2 weeks time….Hopefully I’ll have something to perform but what is starting to get the butterflies going is the performance. Maybe I should stop calling it a performance. My mind is already racing to what I should wear!!!! Really???? Get a grip woman!!!

I’ve realised that it’s not just about writing the piece, it’s about how it will sound when spoken out loud. It needs to have a rhythm, it needs to make sense, be engaging. The best poem in the world would sound like a train announcement if it wasn’t delivered correctly.

Then there is this conundrum – to recite or to read?

From what I’ve seen there’s an even mix of both at events. I’ve seen people pause a few seconds too long so you know they’ve blatantly lost train their of thought and I’ve seen people hiding behind a piece of paper or smart phone so there is no connection to the audience.

There is a good chance the audience won’t actually notice. Indian audiences are noisy. They chat to each other, order food, check phones and heckle….At one event the audience was encouraged to chant “Chai” if they were particularly appreciative of that performer and that performer would get a free cup of tea. The compère gently  reminded the crowd they had this option and of course then all chanting chai hell broke loose. People only had to stand up or walk by and there were shouts of “Chai”. I think I might start a petition to change the chai chant to “Give that woman a drink”. I’ll let you know if that takes off.

One last thing…you’ve been awfully quiet on this micro adventure challenge…Be brave, give it a go.We’ll all chant for you. You can choose; Chai or a drink.


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