Brian Eno on a Thursday afternoon; because I’m good and ready

I’ve been ‘writing’ all week … well I’ve tried; tapping out a few lines to maintain writing discipline. I procrastinated, I overdid the faff standby – TEA. I drank sufficient quantities of tea to make myself feel queasy and which no number of digestives could soak up. In hindsight the digestives probably contributed to the queasiness.

I’ve ridden, been to yoga, done the washing, glued my riding boots back together, bought some music, cleared the clothes chair in the bedroom, washed the dogs and bought some Christmas presents. So although I haven’t actually done much of what I set out to do, I can’t say that it wasn’t a productive week.

There has also been a prolific amount of WhatsApping between me and the Sis. Conversations have ranged from the benefits of Britten as meditative music (no!) Brian Eno (yes), coconut oil as an anti bacterial and anti fungal skin treatment for the dogs, riding problems and some of her emoji impersonations. All deep, meaningful topics I can assure you.

I’ve turned up everyday to write…but the difference today is that now I’m ready to write.

I feel very strongly about my blog. I know there are people who can post religiously to a deadline and I suppose I could too, but I don’t think I’d be very happy with the result.

I’m going to digress, so bear with me. I will get to the point.

I cannot stand it when people have an expectation that I’ll do something or behave in a certain way. It’s not a problem with authority, it’s me wanting to do things in my own way and in my own sweet time. A case in point is starting to practice yoga. When I told people we were moving to India the assumption was that I would take up yoga. Erm, no!

My previous experience of yoga had been a combination of impossible poses, forgetting to breathe and trapped wind. No one tells you about the trapped wind!

The India = Yoga comments actually made me NOT want to take up yoga. Stubbornness, rebelliousness call it what you will. It also happens when someone tells me to watch a certain film (I’m particularly pig-headed about Tom Cruise films)… sounds really childish but I’ll watch if I want to want to, when I want to and not because it’s the film that everyone is talking about.

When I did take up yoga it was at the right time, the right place and with the right teacher for me – because I’d resisted the expectations and not joined the first yoga class I’d come across when I arrived. I believe we get little nudges from the Universe and whether we listen to them or are tuned into them is up to us. For example:

My neighbour mentioned her yoga class one afternoon over a glass of Indian wine; great class, lovely instructor…ok I thought, noted.

One afternoon at riding (I don’t usually ride in the afternoons, too hot) I met an expat lady whose daughter was there on a 2 week riding course…she taught yoga….can you see where this is going?

When we were house hunting we got down to 2 apartments; the one we’re in and another one which I have since found out is in the same building as the yoga teacher…


Well, yoga is fab and there’s no expectation of folding yourself into human origami. I fell asleep the first week and the other day I fell asleep sitting crosslegged on a wooden block. It’s not a problem. Also, much to my relief, no windy pops.

As a consequence of starting yoga,  I’ve also done my singing class audition. At the end of one yoga class I had the sensation I was going to belt out a full on Barbara Streisand Om and I mentioned it to the teacher. Did you know there’s a yoga called Nāda Yoga? It’s the yoga of sound. Nāda Yoga means ‘union through sound’. Cooool.

I’d contacted the singing teacher when we’d arrived in India but the thought of having to do a singing audition put me off…I wasn’t ready, it wasn’t time. But since then I’ve done my micro-adventure and performed at the open mic night. Then I reconnected with my voice at yoga; BINGO – the time was right.

Aaaaand as if that wasn’t fantastic enough, the yoga teacher is also a blogger and a writer. Huzzah, another creative chum.

I know we don’t always have the luxury of unlimited time, to do things when we feel ready and when we feel the time is right. So when you do have that time and you do feel that the time is right, take action. The results are worth it and can have positive repercussions in your other endeavours.

After what felt like a week of hard graft at the computer, today; Thursday afternoon, listening to Brian Eno, was the right time to write this post and it felt good. Plus all the bits and bobs I did manage to write over the course of the week could potentially be other posts in the future. As Mrs Newell used to say ‘Good preparation never goes to waste’.

P.S I looked up the word ponder in the dictionary… what? I was procrastinating! I found a synonym…BROWN STUDY?!?!?!? Who makes up these weird sayings?


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