Go on, get your feet wet

I am splashing enthusiastically in a pool of creativity at the moment –  it’s a shallow pool, but this is not a reflection of the depth of my creativity you understand. In life I have the swimming prowess of a stone so for the sake of authenticity in my writing world as in real life, I must be able to touch the floor…ok?
There are so many creative things happening at the moment that I need to stop being so easily distracted and focus. I’m getting a bit sidetracked and falling into the trap of starting new stuff without having finished the stuff I already have on the go.

I wanted to share the Bubbly Sparkles that I have inside at the moment (this is what all this creativity feels like) so I’m writing this post. But, I should really be finishing an exercise for the Writing Course. The exercise is to write a detailed profile for a character. I haven’t progressed much because the first profile has given rise to another character which now also needs it’s own profile. Too much inspiration Gaaaahhh!

There have also been rehearsals for an end of year concert with the music school where I take my singing lessons. When I started the classes I told the teacher that I wasn’t really interested in performing, I wanted to sing because I enjoyed it. Well, I do really enjoy it but I’ve discovered that I LOVE singing with a band and I love the rehearsals. I love listening to the other students sing and quietly (or maybe not so quietly) singing along to their performances. I’ve had to sit on my hands to stop myself wrestling the microphone from a 5 year old so I could join in. I’ve wanted to sing everything. Every song. I’ve had rock and roll delusions, thinking I was in a band. That didn’t last long. I had to borrow a child’s flip flops to navigate the very wet floor of the loo in the rehearsal studio. Not rock and roll at all.
(At the time of posting, the concert has already taken place. It was a little scary, yes there may have been some digestive issues, but I did it. I performed a song with my fellow ‘mature’ students…I didn’t forget the lyrics and it was a wonderful experience. I also made some new chums which was wonderful too.)

Aaaand because that isn’t enough, I’ve been drawing. I’ve had the drawing stuff with me since I left the UK but haven’t really used it. I took an art class with my Mum in London before I moved to Brazil, which was great, good fun and quality time spent with the Mama. Again, I really enjoyed it but like lots of things, it fell by the wayside and then I forgot I liked it (I’ve asked for a watercolour travel set for Christmas so I can do some painting too).

In fact, if you ask people what is it they like to do, most will tell you they don’t know or they have to pause and think about it. I wonder why that is? It’s a real question guys! Why is it people can’t tell you what activities they enjoy? Or is it just the people I ask?
When I knew that I was going to Brazil and that I would have a lot of free time, everyone said “That’s fantastic. You can do all the stuff you like to do. What do you like to do????” Erm…..I dunno.
Personally, I think I got so stuck in the rut of the Mon – Fri work cycle, that I couldn’t see past it. I couldn’t muster up enough enthusiasm for anything in order to break the routine I’d established. Well, moving country is great for breaking that inertia so after moving to Brazil I decided to start riding regularly again. The best decision EVEEEERRRR!. This was a slightly different situation though – the logistics of riding in the UK is quite difficult if you live in a city and bloody expensive.

Sometimes I think there is a permission problem too. We think that we should be doing something more productive with our free time and money.
I was watching a watercolour video on Youtube and the artist was talking about watercolour paper. She was saying that the sheets of paper she uses cost about US$20, about 13 pounds in English money, and that people had commented that this was very expensive. This was her permission response: she said she could cut each sheet in half and use both sides. Therefore each painting cost her US$5. US$5 spent on a couple of hours or so dedicated to enjoying herself, improving a skill and looking after her mental health. Isn’t that a bloody fantastic way to look at it? What could be more productive and worthwhile than keeping yourself happy and healthy?
I’d go out on a limb and say that the initial permission you give yourself also opens up the possibility of finding other hobbies and investigating what other things you might like to do. For example, there is a move on the horizon. I might struggle to find a singing classes there, but I already have a recommendation for a piano teacher. No, it’s not the same thing but I’m all ready to give it a go.

Am I any good at drawing, painting, singing, writing..so on and so forth…well, that’s not really the point. The point is…yes, you guessed it; I ENJOY IT, and if you enjoy something, quite frankly you don’t need validation from anyone else but yourself. So there!
So what do YOU like to do? Think of it as a Doctor’s prescription; dip your toes into your creative pool, bathtub, duck pond…whatever, and see what you discover. Let me know!

And, if you need a permission slip, I’m happy to sign!

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