What’s Up?

Back home from a two week holiday in the UK which was chilly but lovely. I took a cold with me from India which I managed to give to the family while we were in Cornwall. Sorry guys!
Well I’m back in Pune and in my absence the H, true to his word, has tackled the pigeons.
The pigeon netting is up, the spikes are down and the pigeons are mostly gone. I say mostly because there has been a reprieve for the nest and the egg. The thought of a squeaky, bald, pigeon squab outside my window…GAAAHHHHH. But, I am not heartless and neither is the H so it can stay until it’s ready to fly the nest (BOOM BOOM, I’m here all week!). Actually the egg has hatched and the chick is covered in yellow down, not baldy at all. It’s hidden sufficiently by the netting so I can’t see it properly and so the sight of it doesn’t activate my gag reflex. It’s surprisingly quiet too. Good. I hope it stays that way.
Mosquito watch: I found a mosquito in the toilet bowl…hmmmm. Is nowhere sacred?
The H got me a nifty mosquito zapper in the shape of a tennis racquet. The mossies are quite difficult to spot unless they fly in front of your face, so I have to carry the zapper around with me all the time. The zap noise is impressive and sometimes there’s a little whiff…it smells like singed hair.

The black thumb of death has struck again. I bought two potted bamboo plants to put on the balcony. I bought them on Sunday. They were delivered on Monday. Today is Wednesday.
“I need plants which can cope with a lot of sun” I said
“Bamboo” said the girl at the nursery
“It’s direct sunlight, for most of the afternoon…”
“No problem ma’am, bamboo will be fine” she said

Ahhhhh the sound of rustling leaves. Gaaaaaahhhhh the piles of dead bamboo leaves on the floor! Three days, it must be a bloody record!
I Googled. Apparently bamboo doesn’t like being moved and so needs a lot of water when it’s in the settling in period. Great, a plant with stress.
Mum can make anything grow. My Sis aptly calls her the Green Witch. My Sis’s succulents are at Mum’s house at the moment, in the ICU, recovering from squishy, droopy leaves. They’re probably sighing with relief at being removed from my Sister’s care.
All I can say is thank goodness the survival of my family doesn’t depend on me being able to grow food. Extinction for sure!
I went to the botanical gardens today, here in Pune, for some inspiration and to have a look at their nursery in case I have to replace the bamboos. The nursery wasn’t very inspiring but I did have a delicious vada pav and chai at the park café and I saw a wild pig. Kew Gardens take note.

What else have I been up to? Well, in the words of Jesse from The Fast Show; I have been mostly eatin’ lamb chops.
In fact I’ve eaten lamb chops for three days in a row now…lunch and dinner. I’m sure there isn’t a point at which lamb chops become toxic for humans but I think I’ve reached the level at which I HOPE I DON”T SEE ANOTHER LAMB CHOP FOR A VERY LONG TIME!.
These are prized lamb chops that I brought with me from Mumbai when we moved. There were three little bags of frozen chops and because I’d had them for a while I thought it would be best to defrost them all. After all, there were only three small bags and I thought one of the bags may even be pork ribs.
Nope. Lamb chops all the way. Never underestimate how many lamb chops can fit into a small bag.

On a positive note, I’ve been swimming and I’ve managed to organise my breathing in breast stroke so the water doesn’t flood my nose. I’m not sure why I’ve suddenly been able to do it. Maybe it’s because the water didn’t feel as cold as usual and so my chest didn’t feel like it was being squeezed in a vice. I practiced the breathing holding on at the side of the pool. I practised the breathing with the arm movements as I walked the length of the pool. Finally I put it all together; breathing, arms and legs – Huzzah!
This morning I was exhausted. Swimming is bloody hard work. I think I managed three lengths of the pool after all the breathing practice. I can only get better, then I might even think about trying front crawl…

3 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. An eventful homecoming. I wish I’d seen you walking by the pool practicing, arm movements and breathing….were you wearing your swim hat and goggles too?( I am sorry but I am laughing quite hard!!!) Yoga will help with the breathing.


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