The Journey continues

Well this has been an interesting few weeks. In the last post my world was ending because I’d split up with Ponio. I didn’t know if I was going to go back and ride at the same place. I was REALLY angry and upset. I needed some distance from the situation and time. Time is a great healer…yep, blah blah blah and all that jazz but in essence it’s true. Time and a shitload of distance; the distance between Pune and Mexico City – 9,778 miles according to a Google search. Actually…Time, Distance and Good Friends…and Gin…Time, Distance, Good Friends, Gin and Riding…and a good night’s sleep… Time, Distance…Oh you get the picture!!! The point is I thought about it (from the other side of the Atlantic) and I decided that I could go back, it might be a bit strange at first, but I could live with it.

I say split up when referring to the Ponio because when the younger Sis read the post, she said it made her think of a breakup with a boyfriend. It’s true. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but when I first went back to ride after my trip to Mexico my heart sank when I saw him with another rider…AWKWARD! I couldn’t look, so I rode in the other arena where I wouldn’t be able to see him. It was like walking into the pub and seeing your ex with his new girlfriend but not being able to slip out because it’s your local, you’re meeting people and because you’ve walked in too far. So you just have to suck it up, go to the bar and order that drink…and then go and sit all the way at the other end of the pub because you are fine with it but you just don’t want it rubbed in your face, ok?

However, the last few times I’ve been, I have been able to ride in the same arena and I admit it, I’ve even had a sneaky peek at how he’s working with his new person. Of course I have to say he worked better on the flat when he was with me…BUT I saw him jumping the other day and he looked great and I was happy he looked great. My jumping abilities are very poor. We only ever managed poles on the ground and teeny tiny jumps, so to see him developing a new skill is lovely.  I’m still sad (aaand I still think I rode him better) but this day was always going to come. At some point in the future the break up would have been inevitable. I would have left India and our time together would have come to an end. Maybe this way I have time for the emotions to mellow and I can leave India without a broken heart.

One thing that has become evident from this episode is that I need my own horse. This has been a perpetual item on my Christmas list, passed on from one year’s list to the next, for YEARS…in fact it now goes without saying. I have reminded the H…nudge nudge.

So after all this drama, my trip to Mexico was like a balm for the soul. What do you do when you have to get over a failed relationship? Why, you go away with your chicas! It did feel like going home. It was so easy to slip back into the old routines, bopping around town like a Chilanga.  In order to manage the comings and goings of us; the visitors and the lovely hostess, we had a ‘Family Planning’ agenda which we put up in the kitchen (it was actually a bit of A4 paper covered in scribbles) . Not the traditional sense of family planning, obviously and thankfully, because it also included the driver…and I’m sure Mrs Hector would have been ever so slightly miffed if we’d been planning babies with her husband.

Seeing all my Mexican chums was wonderful and of course there was weeping. There was weeping, there was eating of tacos (huzzah!), there were several trips to Costco…a trip to my friend’s house in the country and there was gin. There was coffee with my writing guru, a cocktail party with a strange lady who said she didn’t like Mexico! (there were crickets…how do you respond to that?!?), a morning of bridge, an evening of Feldenkrais and several afternoons of Neflix and gin. There were lunches and dinners and a breakfast of chilaquiles to make the heavens sing with joy.

And there was riding…which was lovely. No pressure, no baggage, no strings, just fun…and an exciting headlong charge to rescue my friend’s farm dog from attack!

Even the ridiculous travel to and fro was bearable. The H had suggested that I spend a few days in the UK and then travel onto Mexico, but I said “nah, I’ll be fine”. I drove from Pune to Mumbai (4hrs), flew to London (9.5hrs), stopped over at Heathrow; had a shower, nap and picked up the lovely Mrs C (6hrs), flew to Mexico City ( 11.5hrs) and then drove to our friend’s house (1hr). I think it was beyond jet lag, it was jet REALLY TIRED which was fine because I just slept and got up at a normal time the next day. And repeat on the way back, this time dropping off Mrs C at Heathrow and picking up the H. The journey back is a few hours less apparently because there’s a tail wind…(just like inside the plane then).

It was just what I needed. I’ve come back feeling revived, ready for our next year in India and ready to continue towards my 2017 goals.

If you’ve  followed my blog from the beginning or have read the About page, you’ll know how this blog got it’s name. Uncle P, was the H’s uncle on his Mother’s side. He and his brother moved to the U.S when they were young men, married and made their lives in Chicago. I only met Uncle P a couple of times but both times were an absolute hoot. There was no point saying “No thank you” as he gave you a third helping of boxty or if he sent you home on the train with a paper take out coffee cup full of whisky…for the cold obviously (in May). Uncle P passed away while I was in Mexico. A sad loss of a wonderful man who was one of the original family trailblazers. Thank you Uncle P for your wisdom, your humour and for the perfect title for this blog. May you continue on the road.



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