Recharge me

These last few weeks I’ve been so sleeeepy. My trip to the UK was fraught with worry and stress. I didn’t realise how tired I was until I got back to India where all I’ve wanted to do was sleep/rest/vegetate. Snooziness peaked this week because I made a lightning visit to Mumbai – an overnight stop to attend a chum’s Open Mic event.

As a quick aside, this is a young woman who I met when I was taking singing lessons in Mumbai. She covered some of my lessons while the usual teacher was on holiday. She managed to channel my frenzied enthusiasm during lessons and get me to pay attention. No mean feat…I can get very over excited and high pitched. She travelled to London last year to study songwriting and we met up while I was there on holiday. Aaaaaanyway, long story short, we met up at New Year in Mumbai and she was bemoaning the fact that there were few or no open mic events for singers. “Hmmmm” I said…(this is as much sympathy as she got)…”why don’t you set one up?” Cue then a story about how there were no decent sausages to be had in Mexico so the H and I made some. Sometimes in life, if you can’t find what you need you just have to make it yourself.
She only went and bloody well did it! An Open Mic at the Tuning Fork in Mumbai and a great night it was too. I’m so pleased for her. I hope it’s made her realise what a capable young woman she is. Making the sausages people, that’s what it’s all about.

With all the excitement of the spontaneous trip and attending the event, I used up my last reserves of juice. Sometimes the adrenaline of a situation carries me through the event but once that has worn off, I’m knackered. I need to pay more attention to that. I don’t know that I can rein in my enthusiasm, I enjoy being swept along by it, but maybe I need to recognise that I will need some extra time to recover and need to make a conscious effort to do so…and with no self judgement.

I recently found a podcast by a chap called Michael Nobbs. It’s called Gentle Living. Gentle Creating. You can find it here. He lives with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and his website and podcasts are about the way he manages to live a creative life with his limited energy resources. It’s very interesting. He talks about making time to rest, finding small pleasures in life to pep up your day and generally looking after yourself so you have the energy and enthusiasm to do your life’s work.

So how have I been helping myself recover? I’ve really wanted to write a post but every time I sat in front of the computer my mind wandered, the thoughts were there but I struggled to corral them into a cohesive idea. A classic sign of me being tired and troubled. So, first things first; more rest. I probably shouldn’t have gone riding in 34C degree heat (93F)… but I loooove iiiiit! But it is exhausting. The heat here has suddenly ramped up. The air is hot so even though the windows are open the house still feels too warm. AC is for night time or I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I’ve found if I have a nap in the day that helps…but where to sleep that doesn’t feel too uncomfortable?
Why the H’s office of course. It has the smallest windows and is in shade for most of the day. In a throw back to my Feldenkrais practice in Mexico, I put down the H’s yoga mat and had a 2 hour nap on the floor with the pups. Delicious. We all woke up refreshed and full of beans. The tiny pup may have woken up too full of beans and accidentally scratched up the H’s yoga mat…I’m just saying…maybe.

Small pleasures. Small pleasures to bring a bit of joy to your day. I baked some chocolate chip cookies. Actually I made the dough a few days ago and put the 2 cookie dough sausages in the freezer. When I wanted the cookies I just cut the sausage into slices and baked them. Instant yumminess and the lovely smell of baking through the house which has to be one of the best smells ever. I’ve eaten several today with the many cups of tea I’ve already had. Tea and biscuits; quite possibly the BEST small pleasure in my arsenal.

While writing this post I’ve MacGyvered a few small pleasures together to make an SP combo. I’ve had tea and biscuits, a bit of choccy, a sing a long to the radio and a wee dance to Blondie’s Heart of Glass (which is an excellent song to do my Wonder Woman twirl to).

The tanks aren’t quite full up yet but they’re not far off.

P.S I think the Wonder Woman twirl has earned a place in the SP repertoire. Please feel free to adopt it into your own.



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