Hello there, come on in and have a cup of tea. My name is Yolanda and this is my first venture into the blogosphere…ever. Yep, I’m seriously technically challenged.
You may have stumbled upon me because you were searching for a travel blog. Is it a travelog? Definitely a little bit. I am lucky enough to live in Mexico at the moment because of my husband’s work. Before Mexico we lived in Brazil. Originally from London, we left 7 years ago to live in Curitiba southern Brazil and we we’re still on the road.
I’m from a Spanish mother and a Portuguese father. My parents left their respective countries when they were young and went to work in the UK, where they met, married and had their family. David’s mother (David the Husband) left Ireland when she was young, left for the UK to work, where she settled and had her family. Her brothers made it further afield and settled in the US. It’s Uncle P who gave me the title of this blog. One of his great sayings, of which there are many, (most of which can’t be printed here!) is ‘If you’re not on the road, you’re not going nowhere’. It’s a great saying and an excellent way to look at life. I like to think we’ve inherited the family wanderlust.
I can safely say there will be posts about the countries and places I’ve visited/lived in, the adventures; the successful and the not so successful.

Or, you may have arrived at this page because you were Googling food blogs. Will there be food posts? Yes Yes Yes. I love cooking, eating, looking at food, shopping for food, thinking about food….you get the picture. Coming from a Spanish/Portuguese background I’ve been spoilt with delicious home cooking. Food (and drink) is a bit of an obsession. If it isn’t the freshest, ripest or best quality then I’m not eating it. When you travel, you’re leaving the familiarity of home to experience a different culture. I can’t think of a better way to start that new experience than with FOOD!. That said, you can’t beat a nice cup of tea….

Wedged between the freshly baked slices of Travel and Food, there’ll probably be a rasher or two of Life. Not every day involves a big adventure or a cliffhanger drama but there’s always something that stands out. These are the bits that make me stop and think, the bits that make up my day. These are also one of the reasons I decided to write a blog – these snippets of day to day stuff whizz around my head demanding to be let out…so I’m letting them out.
So,thank you for joining the adventure and pop in whenever you want – the kettle’s always on.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Yolanda!
    How are you?
    Thanks for your blog 🙂 I’m now one of your followers.
    If one day you have a minute, feel free to visit my page as I’m on a journey too even if it’s quite different than yours but it’s always cool to meet people along the way…
    Take care,


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