Travel Log – it’s a trunk on a plane

It's been quiet on the blog front hasn't it? That's because there's been a lot of travel, a lot of laundry and a lot of to-ing and fro-ing to the kennels with the dogs. This is the first post in a series about where we've been. I'm not going in chronological order, just which place … Continue reading Travel Log – it’s a trunk on a plane


Onward 2017

January can sometimes feel like a bit of a nonstarter. The build up to Christmas and New Year can be exhausting and the weeks after can be distinctly flat. In the UK January is typically cold and dark and spent wishing the summer would hurry up.  But I'm not in the UK...well I am briefly … Continue reading Onward 2017

The Blue Suit

Last week, on the way to the Foreigner Registration Office we got stopped by the lights opposite the crematorium. The only reason I know it's a crematorium is because of the two tall, thin, metal chimneys that can be seen above the treeline. And the reason I recognise the type of chimney?  Because when we … Continue reading The Blue Suit

The Sharpest Tool

Today is Dussehra. I've heard differing accounts of what the festival is about. My favourite version is that of the goddess Durga (an incarnation of the Mother Goddess) beating the demon Mahishasura. It took 10 days, 9 nights and swords - she has several pairs of arms. She also rides a lion. Personally, I would … Continue reading The Sharpest Tool