Above Average

We are teetering on the edge of the Monsoon season. My attitude is different this year. Last year in Mumbai I was the curious expat, intrigued by the Monsoon horror stories related to me by other expats. “It’s awful, the city comes to a stand still”, “ The water is up to your knees, you … Continue reading Above Average


Why do rainy days provoke nostalgia? Rainy days take me back to Sunday evenings in winter when I was little. Being at home in London, when it rained all day and you couldn't go out. The morning and afternoon were bearable - a film, a book, some Lego, but by evening the Monday anxiety had … Continue reading Nostalgia

You at the back there…speak up!

Apart from clean air and a respite from the melting heat of April and May, the Monsoon also heralds leaky windows and sweaty walls. This prospect and the end of the International School year means that June is expat exodus time. And so it is that the yoga classes are being covered by other teachers … Continue reading You at the back there…speak up!