Recharge me

These last few weeks I’ve been so sleeeepy. My trip to the UK was fraught with worry and stress. I didn’t realise how tired I was until I got back to India where all I’ve wanted to do was sleep/rest/vegetate. Snooziness peaked this week because I made a lightning visit to Mumbai - an overnight … Continue reading Recharge me


You at the back there…speak up!

Apart from clean air and a respite from the melting heat of April and May, the Monsoon also heralds leaky windows and sweaty walls. This prospect and the end of the International School year means that June is expat exodus time. And so it is that the yoga classes are being covered by other teachers … Continue reading You at the back there…speak up!

On your marks, get set…Monsoon

There have been a few days of heavy rain and high winds but I am assured this is not the Monsoon.... I beg to differ. I say the Monsoon is upon us. Predictions as to when the Monsoon would start were many and very specific - Monday at 2:00pm, Sunday at 7:00pm, next week Wednesday.....They were … Continue reading On your marks, get set…Monsoon