I Do

Excitement is a wonderful thing. Enthusiasm makes life more enjoyable. Excitement and enthusiasm can get you into trouble. A couple, who are very dear friends, are getting married in July. Not only were the H and I invited to the wedding, but I was also asked if I would do a reading at the ceremony. … Continue reading I Do

On the Road…again

Where shall I start? It's been a month since my last post. Christmas and New Year have come and gone. I've had an amazing holiday to Sri Lanka. The H and I had a rollicking good time at a dinner and dance for New Year - Bollywood dance moves in full force. My sister has … Continue reading On the Road…again

Learning at a snails pace

A month ago I started an online course from the Open University called Start Writing Fiction. I'd been looking for something that was a live course. That is, a course where there are other people taking part at the same time and with the opportunity for live discussions and interactions with a course moderator. The … Continue reading Learning at a snails pace